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Hello World!

2010-07-25 22:19:25 by CaptainNick

Hey! So you may be thinking that I'm a pretty obnoxious guy just drawing pictures of myself and claiming to be a captain everywhere. Well, it's a cartoon so calm the hell down.

This post is more or less to tell everyone who visits this page what I'm all about. I've been lurking Newgrounds since I was 10 and have been making Flash animations since I was 10 (I've come so far?). All my animations have been pretty crappy but I've managed to learn a lot, then around grade 10 I decided that I wanted to be an animator. Telling stories through animation? Awesome!

Grade 11 I attended a design show in Toronto and found an animation festival that I could compete in. I then animated my final assignment for tech just so I could enter it in the show. At the time I'd been reading The Animator's Survival Guide, The Illusion of Life, all those books that tell you how the pros animate (these pros are also ridiculously old ...or dead).

Carry On is what I came out with. The animation's all an experiment to see if I could do the animation they talk about (cycles, squash & stretch, anticipation, reaction, etc.). The drawing in that movie sucks, for sure, but it got me second place. The first place winner had awesome animation and a storyline, imagine that.

This account will be me submitting 2 or three things I finished animating or thought were pretty cool from when I was in grade 10 to the end of grade 11 (and some small, simple stuff I did in grade 12). In case you're wondering, I just graduated after grade 12 and am now on my way to college to work on my drawing. I managed to get into every animation program I applied to except for the school I wanted to go to (and am going to).

There may or may not be any new stuff. I'm definitely not planning anything because I wouldn't animate something for "Newgrounds fame" and of course school always keeps me busy. The kinda thing that Toonwerks is doing is pretty cool though: Get a scriptwriter, an artist, and an animator and make one movie (not a collaboration) working as a sort of mini-studio. I think I could handle animating character models no problem. We'll see though.

Hello World!


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